Garbage Hill at TTS Decreases; BMC Sets Target For 100% Daily Waste Processing From Feb

1 lakh metric tonnes of waste has been processed in 50 days

Bhubaneswar: This year, the state capital Bhubaneswar has performed at the highest level in terms of cleanliness and the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has planned to further improve this performance in the financial year 2024 in terms of cleanliness. A blueprint has been prepared for this.

In the meantime, BMC informed that the height of the Temporary Transit Shelter (TTS) near Sainik School has come down by more than half. The 40-meter waste pile that once stood in TTS has been reduced to 10 meters today.

More than 500 sanitation workers are engaged in waste processing in TTS in 3 shifts a day, while 3,000 metric tons of waste is being processed. Work has started here in 3 shifts from December 3.

According to BMC sources, lakhs of metric tonnes of waste have been processed in the last 50 days. BMC has set a target of reducing the height of the waste piles to 4-5 meters by the end of January.

BMC officials are optimistic that this target will be met ahead of schedule as it is being processed with Terex machines and 2-lane trammels. As of December 29, 3,000 metric tons of mixed waste is being processed daily, of which about 600 metric tons is RDF (plastic waste) while 2,400 metric tons of good earth (soil) is being processed. In total, 30 to 35,000 metric tons of RDF have been processed since December 3, while 65 to 70,000 metric tons of good earth has been recovered, the BMC said.

BMC is aiming to process 100 per cent waste from this February. BMC has appealed to the city residents to give separate waste for daily waste management. It has also appealed to stop the use of plastic.

As processing wet, dry and plastic waste together is difficult, BMC has appealed for the participation of citizens for 100 per cent waste processing. Now, BMC has put up a poster banner on various trends on social media. In a few months, the waste processing situation in Bhubaneswar is likely to be different.

It is to be noted that after the stoppage of waste disposal in Daruthenga, the remaining waste of the city is now being dumped in the TTS located near Sainik School. More than 600 tons of waste is being received daily, while 3,000 metric tons of waste has been processed daily since December 29.

BMC has emphasized 100% waste processing and collection of waste from all households. Even during the Patha Utsav, BMC was seen sensitizing people to change their sanitation practices.

25,000 Metric Tons of RDF Sent to Rajgangpur

As of January 21, BMC has already dispatched about 25,000 metric tons of RDF to Rajgangpur Cement Factory. Daily, 15 to 20 trucks of RDF are going to Rajgangpur from TTS.

Both the cement factory and BMC are bearing the cost. For regular RDF supply, BMC has arranged a 60-foot road side parking for trucks near TTS.

House Owners to Get ‘Good Earth’ For Free

About 70,000 metric tonnes of good earth (soil) released from TTS till January 21 is being used by BMC for filling government and private lands.

Interestingly, BMC is providing good earth free of cost to private landowners whose land is in low-lying areas. But, they have to arrange the transportation of good earth on their own.

Also, BMC is levelling the ditches and vacant government land by filling good earth.

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