Five Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy


New Delhi: Lungs are necessary to survive; as part of the respiratory system, they help us breathe. All cells in the body need oxygen to live. Air contains oxygen and other gases; when we breathe it in, the air goes to our lungs. The oxygen is transferred to the bloodstream in the lungs and then carried throughout the body. Each cell takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. The blood then carries the unwanted carbon dioxide back to the lungs; it’s then removed from the blood and exhaled. This process is called gas exchange.

Because the lungs are an important part of the body’s daily functioning, keeping them healthy is crucial for overall health.

Tips for Healthy Lungs

Prioritize your lungs with these tips for healthy lungs:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollutants
  • Prevent infections by washing your hands often, avoiding crowds and getting a flu shot every year
  • Get regular check ups to help prevent diseases or discover them early
  • Engage in regular aerobic exercise to improve your lung capacity

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