Uber drivers to decide to complete or cancel rides in advance!


New Delhi: Uber has announced that drivers will now also be able to view trip destinations, which will help them decide in advance whether they would want to complete that particular ride or cancel it. This will help save time of a customer. The good thing is that a customer now won’t have to bear the cancellation charge as there are times when a driver cancels the trip after reaching the pickup location, and the cancellation fee is charged to the customer.

In a blog post, Uber has confirmed that it will now show drivers the mode of payment (cash or online) before a trip gets started. This will allow a driver to choose cash-only rides if they want to. This way, one won’t have to bear the cancellation fee that is sometimes charged unfairly to a customer.

The company has revealed that the upfront destination feature is already live across 20 cities and will be expanded to all others.

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