NTK Chief Seeman Calls For Ban On ‘Family Man 2’, Warns Of Serious Consequences


Chennai: Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman called for a ban on ‘Family Man Season 2’ and warned of dire consequences in the event of the series on Friday.

Reportedly, the director-politician alleged that the show depicts Tamils in a bad light, labelling them terrorists.

The filmmaker and NTK party leader Seeman took to Twitter to share a statement. He wrote that the makers of The Family Man 2 do not have the right intentions as they have shown LTTE having connections with Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI.

The politician pointed out that films like Inam and Madras Cafe were banned from screening in the past. He called for a ban on The Family Man 2 as well.

Seeman also warned the makers of The Family Man 2 of dire consequences if the show goes on air.


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