Joe Biden says Iran to attack Israel ‘sooner, rather than later’


Washington: Iran will attack Israel sooner, rather than later, US President Joe Biden said on Friday. He warned Tehran not to attack the country as the US was devoted to its defense.

Iran has vowed to avenge an alleged Israeli attack on its embassy in Damascus last week that killed seven of its elite military officers, including two generals.

Joe Biden gave a one-word message to Iran over its alleged plan to attack Israel — ‘Don’t’. He said the US would help defend Israel. “We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel. We will help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed,” he said. Speaking to reporters at the White House after an event. Biden said he didn’t want to divulge secret information but he expected an attack “sooner, rather than later”.

Before Biden’s remarks, White House spokesperson John Kirby had called apprehensions of Iran’s attack on Israel a “real and viable threat”. However, he refrained from giving a timeline. The United States was not anticipating Iran or its proxies to attack its forces, he said, adding the country was still looking at its posture in the region. “It would be imprudent if we didn’t take a look at our posture in the region to make sure that we’re properly prepared,” he added.

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