Israel slams Irish PM for ‘not mentioning’ Hamas hostages in parliament speech


Israel: Israel’s foreign ministry criticised Ireland’s new prime minister, Simon Harris, for “not mentioning the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza” during his speech to the Irish parliament, as reported by the news agency AFP.

According to a statement from the Israel foreign ministry, Harris, who took office on Tuesday, failed to acknowledge the “133 Israeli hostages who have been trapped in Hamas tunnels for the past six months.”

“After the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust… there are those in Ireland who persist on being on the wrong side of history,” the statement added.

Israel is also angered by Ireland’s intention to “recognise a Palestinian state” and to involve itself in the genocide case initiated by South Africa against Israel at the International Court of Justice.

The statement further said that Ireland’s actions would “endorse terrorism by supporting South Africa,” which it referred to as “the legal arm of the Hamas terrorist organisation,” and potentially recognising a Palestinian state in the future.

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