BTS’ Suga Bids Emotional Goodbye To ARMY Before Joining Military


Seoul: BTS fans around the world said their final goodbye to another band member, as rapper Suga aka Min Yoongi, is set to enlist for his mandatory military service from September 22. The artist will be the third band member, following Jin and J Hope, to begin this duty, starting next week. The rapper will serve as a social worker and his service will be for a period of 21 months instead of the usual 18. Prior to his enlistment, the South Korean artist held a live session on Weverse for a final chat with fans and left everyone emotional with his message. His followers showered love and he also received support from fellow BTS members Jin and J Hope.

During the live, he spoke about many things but the final few minutes were moving, he said, “Everyone you don’t need to cry. We’ll be meeting in 2025 right? It is a little sad that we won’t be able to do anything for two years, but we promised we’d meet again in 2025 right?”

He further reveals, “I won’t be able to do Suchwita but I filmed a lot, so please look forward to it. I filmed a lot, don’t worry too much. I came to say hello to you all. See you in 2025. Bye.”

A BTS fan page shared the screenshot of Suga from the chat and wrote, “There’s no need to cry. We said we will meet again in 2025. Let’s see each other in 2025. Bye — SUGA last LIVE until 2025.”

During Suga’s final Weverse live session, J Hope left a comment mentioning that he was watching the live broadcast before returning his phone. He also complimented the rapper for his new haircut, saying it looked really good on him. Following this, Jin also expressed surprise at J Hope’s presence and wondered where he had gone. Jin went on to show his support, by describing Min Yoongi as cool and encouraging him to cheer up. Lastly, both the BTS artists wished That That singer a safe journey as he begins his mandatory military service soon.

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