Pope Francis Calls For ‘Dialogue’ To Solve International Conflicts


Vatican City: Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church in his Urbi et Orbi speech for Christmas on Saturday said that people should prioritize dialogue and discussion over unilateralism and isolation, including in the resolution of international conflicts such as Syria and Ethiopia.

Pope Francis cited the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the crises in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Sudan, and South Sudan in particular.

He also called for “reconciliation and peaceful coexistence may prevail in the hearts of the peoples of the Americas” through dialogue, mutual respect, and recognition of each other’s rights and cultural values.

“On the international level too, there is the risk of avoiding dialogue, the risk that this complex crisis will lead to taking shortcuts rather than setting out on the longer paths of dialogue. Yet only those paths can lead to the resolution of conflicts and to lasting benefits for all,” he said.


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