Passenger Plane Crashed In Afghanistan Does Not Belong To India, Confirms DGCA

Kabul: In a tragic incident, an aircraft reportedly carrying passengers crashed in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan region on Saturday night. DGCA confirmed that the plane crashed does not belong to India.

According to Afghanistan News agency, Khaama Press, the plane deviated from its original course and collided with the mountainous terrain of Zebak district in Badakhshan Saturday night, January 20th.

According to initial information, a passenger jet aircraft has crashed in the mountainous areas of Top Khana, including the districts of Kiran and Minjan, and Zebak district in Badakhshan.

However, it claimed the security officials of the province have stated that the type of aircraft and the number of passengers on board have not yet been determined.

Multiple Afghan media cited conflicting reports, some saying it was a chartered plane and was en route to Moscow when it crashed, while some claimed it was a passenger plane.

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