Online Betting on Sports in India


Find out how you can bet on sports games like cricket, football, or hockey. We will guide you through some of the best know-how tips for online betting, including things you should be aware of when playing in India.

In the spring and fall, sports fans all over India will gain their focus on some of the world’s best cricket players, when the Indian Premier League will obtain the attention of thousands and thousands of cricket fans. They will also lead their attention to some of the online betting sites when fans see the potential of a golden bet.

We will guide you on how to do online sports betting in India, so you’ll be ready to place your bets on the most popular games in India and worldwide.

Is online gambling even legal in India?

The best answer is yes and no. It’s forbidden for companies based in India to offer gambling services online India. Nevertheless, offshore companies are allowed to offer online gambling to people in India, as long as the users can use rupees as a currency for payments.

But the laws are changing from state to state, and in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana it is completely forbidden to gamble online. You can end up paying a fine or even go to prison for up to a year, if you do any kind of online gambling in those two states. Therefore, it is a good idea to research the rules in your state, before you start gambling.

How to find a bookmaker?

Since the rules are changing from state to, you should check out an online betting guide, if you are interested in sports betting. This will guide you to the best, licensed bookmakers and lead you to find the best bonuses. You can also use the guide to read about rules and tips for betting.

You will get all the information on current sports betting events, so you can stay absolutely up to date with the latest news. Then you will know if there are any special circumstances that might have an important impact on the outcome of the match.

Which sports are popular?

Cricket is ultimately the most popular sport of India and Is also taking the lead when it comes to betting. The benefit of gambling in sports games is the extra excitement it will add to the game when you are hoping for a special result to go through.

Also, football and field hockey are popular for betting in India. One of the main reasons could be that these sports are played between two teams, which is limiting the number of possible outcomes in a couple of games. And who knows? Maybe you have special knowledge about one of the teams, that you can take into your advantage when you do your online betting? Maybe one of the star players is suffering from an injury, so he’s not able to participate in the game?

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