Mom and Child Art Competition by Get Back To Nature


Bhubaneswar: In an initiative to enhance the cognitive abilities of children, Bhubaneswar’s one-of-its-kind premium organic food brand – ‘GET BACK TO NATURE’ organized a unique Crayon Art Competition themed ‘RathYatra and BahudaJatra’ for Mom & Child duo in the premises of its exclusive outlet at Cosmopolis apartments in Dumduma. As many as 30 duo of Mothers with their kids aged between 4 years to 10 years picked up pencils and crayons to participate in theart competition of which best four participants were awarded with hampers by the brand.

Speaking on the objective of the competition, Poonam Mohapatra, Founder of Get Back to Nature said, “Art let children to express their broad imagination and creativity besides awaken their artistic talent. With this Art Competitiondefinitely children have enjoyed as well as showcased their broad imagery. It was like an extravagance for the children as they were accompanied by their mothers and mothers ofcourse are the best friends of children of this age.” “Get Back to Nature will surely come up with more such activity based learning programs in future for the children to learn and enjoy” she further added.

Founded by a Software professional, Poonam Mohapatra, the brand GET BACK TO NATURE offers high-quality food produce which are chemical and residue-free, cultivated using traditional farming methods.With a vision of connecting customers to the land and local organic food production, offering healthy alternatives to products of industrial agriculture,the brand offers product range including lentils, honey, A2 Ghee, nuts, cooking oil, spices along with fruits and vegetables. The products are produced in the local farms from where the freshest are procured.

The brand has is first exclusive outlet opened in Cosmopolis in Dumduma and is looking forward to have 10 such outlets in entire Bhubaneswar soon. Also the products are available for home delivery through WhatsApp.

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