Fuel Adulteration: Filling Station Sealed In Baramunda


Bhubaneswar: Following complaints about fuel adulteration, the Khandagiri police on Thursday sealed the petrol pump at Baramunda in Bhubaneswar.

The police today carried out an inspection at the filling station named ‘Highway Service Centre’ located at Baramunda along with a forensic team and sent the samples for testing from six underground fuel tanks.

According to reports, some motorcyclist filled petrol at the fuel station on Wednesday evening. The three people ran out of gas after driving away from the petrol pump. In a nearby garage, they found out that water has been added to the petrol

At the same time, more than 50 people, who had refuelled their vehicles at the petrol pump, also reached there with the same complaint. Tension erupted when the customers created a commotion at the filling station over fuel adulteration.

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