From Alia Bhatt To Veronica Vanij, check out coolest swag ways to sport a stunning Gucci X Adidas bag like a pro


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” While the saying might be quite old, there’s absolutely no doubt that the fact remains the same. While it’s important to have an idea about the latest trends in the world of vogue, it’s also important to not follow them blindly and do your own thing rightly by focusing on the same. Well, sounds a lot easier than it is right? However, guess what? Two ladies according to us who have been acing that hack quite brilliantly and effortlessly are Alia Bhatt and Veronica Vanij.

Both Alia and Veronica are best known for pulling off their own style statement with brilliance without caring much about judgements or societal stigmas. The most important aspect about them is that they believe in setting trends and not following them. While fashion is something extremely personal, there are those rare occasions when two like-minded people end up having a similar taste in fashion. That exactly seems to be the case with these two raging beauties of the Indian entertainment industry when it comes to their love for the Gucci X Adidas handbags. While Alia seems to be having quite a cool one in white, Veronica too has been spotted on many occasions having the exact same bag but in back. So ladies, the next time you struggle to find an inspiration to get this style game right, look no more ahead as Alia and Veronica are the ones you need to follow. Want to check out and have a look? Here you go –

Well, absolutely marvelous and outstanding, right ladies? Kudos to Veronica and Alia for always thinking out of the box and sticking to what they feel is right instead of blindly following the crowd. Truly blissful and a visual delight indeed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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