Coronavirus is a mild disease, no need to panic, says AIIMS Chief


New Delhi: AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria on Sunday said coronavirus is a mild disease and there is no need to panic.

Addressing issues related to coronavirus with Chairman of Medanta Dr Naresh Trehan, Professor and Head of Department of Medicine AIIMS Dr Naveet Wig and Director General Health Services Dr Sunil Kumar, he said that  due to panic in public there is hoarding of the Remdesivir drug and oxygen. Therefore, there is short supply and unnecessary panic is being created, the AIIMS Director said.

 He said the coronavirus infection is normal with 85 to 90 per cent of people are witnessing normal symptoms like fever, cold, body ache and cough and in these cases and one doesn’t need Remdesivir or other large numbers of medicines.

He added that one can take medicines for these normal infections or treat yourself with home remedies and yoga.  There is a high possibility  of recovery in 10 days, Dr Guleria said. One need not to put Remdesivir or oxygen in your house, he added.

Dr Guleria said Remdesivir not a magic bullet. This drug is administered to the patients who are hospitalised, have moderate to severe disease and whose oxygen saturation is below 93. Most patients can recover by isolating at home and there is no need to panic, he added.

Medanta chairman Dr Trehan said that 90 per cent of coronavirus patients can recover at home if they are provided with correct medicines on time. He advised that if one’s RT-PCR report comes positive, then consult local doctor for remedies. He said doctors know the protocol and will begin your treatment accordingly.

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