Astrologer Parduman Suri Predicts Israel’s Fate Amidst Conflict

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently declared a state of war due to escalating tensions in the country. This announcement came as Israel faced an unprecedented barrage of over 5,000 rockets launched by Hamas from various cities, including Tel Aviv, triggering emergency sirens and chaos in major Israeli cities.

The situation escalated when armed individuals breached the border fence and initiated an attack on Israel. Disturbing videos depicting Hamas fighters parachuting down and engaging in clashes with Israeli police near the border have gone viral online. These events have ignited widespread online debates, with some even speculating if this could be the precursor to a Third World War.

Astrologers have also weighed in on the conflict, offering their insights. Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Parduman Suri, India’s Youngest Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, India’s Nostradamus awardee, and Motivational Speaker, has examined Israel’s birth chart and predicts that adverse astrological factors, specifically the influence of Rahu and Saturn’s transit in the 8th house within the Cancer sign, have contributed to Israel’s current challenges. However, Parduman remains optimistic, believing that Israel will regain control of the situation with the support of developed nations. Nonetheless, he does caution that Israel may face financial instability after November 20th, as unfavorable planetary alignments come into play.

Despite these challenges, the Israeli government remains steadfast in its efforts to thwart the attacks launched by Hamas insurgents. While Hamas may be considered militarily weaker, their coordinated rocket offensive has caught their adversaries off guard. Nevertheless, Israel is determined to protect its citizens and restore peace.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s declaration of war underscores the gravity of the situation and the Israeli government’s unwavering commitment to safeguard its people. The international community closely monitors these developments and extends its support to Israel during this challenging period.

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