Maternal Mortality Ratio Drops By 49 Points In Odisha; 2nd Highest In Country


Bhubaneswar: Odisha has reported second highest decline in Maternal Mortality Ratio with 49 points from 168 in 2015-17 to 119 in 2018-20.

As per latest publication of SRS MMR bulletin, 2018-20, Odisha MMR now stands at 119/100000 live birth.

Uttra Pradesh has also witnessed same point what Odisha achieved.

Some other States included in the survey are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Telengana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kaarnataka, Maharastra and others.

Rajstahan recorded highest decline of 73 points in the MMR.

Bihar, Assam and Telengana stood behind Odisha and Uttar Pradesh with decline points of 47, 34,33 respectively.

Gujarat Recorded 30 point drop while Andhra Pradesh saw a decline by 29 point aqnd Karnataka 28 point.

Odisha’s achievement can be attributed to continuous efforts in provisioning quality healthcare at all levels that made significant improvement in controlling the maternal mortality.

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