Keep Your Home Odour Free In Monsoon With These Hacks 


New Delhi: Almost everyone loves the monsoon. However, monsoons also bring with them a whole host of problems: the dampness compounded by lack of sunshine can lead to odour building within houses. The smell of washed clothes that don’t dry quickly and the damp smell of the walls are very common at this time of the year. So here are some of the tips to follow.  

Sunlight and fresh air

The best and the simplest way to stimulate and revive fresh indoor air is to open the windows and the doors. UV rays of the Sun not only kill harmful micro-organisms but also evaporate the moisture locked in your furniture, carpets, and drapes. A stagnant environment promotes the building up of air pollutants. Allow the exchange of foul air with fresh outdoor air with sufficient ventilation.   

Indoor plants and flowers work like sanitisers

Indoor plants are not just meant for looking good. This house in Bangalore, designed by Shibanee & Kamal Architects, uses peace lily – an easy-to-grow, natural air-cleaner. You can also choose from garden mum, fern, ficus, snake plant, bamboo, aloe vera, spider plant, etc., which are excellent options for removing pollutants from the air as well as for creating lively indoors.  

Clean those special corners

Make sure the areas in the kitchen like the cooktop, the sink, the trash can, the exhaust, and the corners behind the fridge are dry and cleaned often. These are the areas that tend to stay damp and can accumulate muck quickly. The same goes for bathrooms as well. Get the floor tiles cleaned often, and make sure you clean the sink, the floor, and the sink drain periodically too. I am also a great believer in using mothballs for these places.  

Make air fresheners at home 

Perk up your interiors with homemade air fresheners, and don’t worry about the harmful chemicals.  

DIY: Products of the citrus family have anti-bacterial properties. Put lemon, orange, basil, and mint in mason jars and place them around the home for crispy freshness. 

You could also take food essences like vanilla or orange and mix some drops in 10 ml of water. Put in a small spray bottle and spray away for instant effect.  

Keeping the shoe rack near the entrance  

Shoe racks are most commonly seen near the entrance of homes. If they are kept elsewhere it is better to change the place. Footwear gets damp and dirty and they take time to dry. Keeping them inside the rooms can lead to odour creation. Keeping the shoe rack near the entrance limits the entry of dirt and helps in airing out the foul smell as well.  

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