Delhi & Goa Governments Issue SOP For Movement Of Passengers By Train


New Delhi: A Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) for movement of passengers by Train has been issued by Goa Government for out State passengers and by Delhi Government for passengers from Telengana & Andhra Pradesh.

All passengers from anywhere of the country going to any Stations in Goa should have an RT-PCR Negative Test Report for Test done within 72 hours of entry in Goa State or two doses Covid-19 certificate.

Following Passengers will be exempted from above condition. (a) residents of Goa State on production of proof of residence (b) Persons entering Goa on work on production of work ID proof/letter from employer (c) Persons entering Goa for medical emergency on production of proof.

Similarly, passengers boarding trains originating from Telengana and Andhra Pradesh to Delhi area shall have to undergo mandatory Government institutional quarantine/ paid quarantine for 14 days at facilities established/identified by the concerned District Magistrate.

Any person who has been successfully vaccinated (two doses) and produces certificate to the effect or having negative RT-PCR Report (not older than 72 hours prior to undertaking the journey) shall be allowed home quarantine for 7 days. If no suitable facility for home quarantine is available with the person, he/ she may opt for institutional / paid quarantine in identified facilities for 7 days.

In case of non-compliance of the protocol/ guidelines / SOPs pertaining to home quarantine prescribed by MoHFW, Gol I Department of H&FW, GNCTD, such persons shall be quarantined in Government institutional facilities for 7 days.

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