Complete ban on ‘paan’, ‘gutka’ in Samaleswari Temple from April 14


Sambalpur: To maintain cleanliness, consumption of intoxicants, paan, gutkha, bidis, cigarettes, etc has been banned in the premises of Samleswari Temple in Sambalpur.

Samaleswari Temple Trust Board President Sanjay Babu informed that the decision to prohibit the consumption of intoxicants inside the Samleswari Temple will strictly come into force from tomorrow i.e., Sunday (April 14).

No person, including servants, police personnel, devotees etc will be allowed to consume paan, gutkha etc inside the temple. And in case of violation, stern action will be taken, the Samaleswari Temple Trust Board stated.

The Temple Board has requested all devotees, priests and employees to refrain from consuming the banned items and sensitize others as well.

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