BTS’ Jin drops single ‘The Astronaut’ his collaboration with Coldplay


Seoul: BTS Jin‘s highly anticipated solo single “The Astronaut” has finally landed.

The BTS superstar revealed the stunning, nearly five-minute rock-pop track on Friday (Oct. 28), worldwide alongside its heartwarming music video.

While BTS had previously revealed that “The Astronaut” was co-written by Jin and Coldplay, the entire song reveals the stadium-sized rock sound that the British band is known for as a perfect bed for Jin’s steady, soothing vocals.

The music video stars Jin as an Astronaut is wanders aimlessly only to land on Earth. The Astronaut finds a reason to stay back on Earth, he finds affection, connection and unconditional warmth on earth which makes him ditch the UFO and lead a satisfied life on Earth. The lyrics convey Jin’s overwhelming gratitude to fans and ARMY who, in his own words, have helped him realise his dreams and pushed him to make it true. The Astronaut is a love letter, a true gratitude letter between fans and Jin.

The music video of the song has also been shared by BIGHIT MUSIC and ARMY is mesmerised by the visuals and the use of music instruments in the song.

BTS ARMY was left ‘teary-eyed’ as they felt that the song is a gift before Jin leaves to join the South Korean army. Sharing a clip on Twitter, a fan wrote, “The kid is army and we’ve had so much fun but he has to leave us but he’ll come back cuz we’re family.” “The song and MV made me cry so much like so much. I really love it. Thank you Jin so much for the amazing art you gave us,” tweeted another person.

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