Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Show To Continue With New Leads: Report


New Delhi: TV show, Alibaba —Dastaan-e-Kabul, has started the shoot on a new set and the hunt is on for a new lead pair, said reports.

A channel official confirmed, “The show is definitely not going off-air. It will continue.”

Tunisha reportedly died by suicide on the sets of Alibaba in Naigaon. Her mother lodged a complaint against Sheezan, post that he was arrested and is currently in judicial custody.

The two were the lead actors and given that television shows barely have banked episodes, it would be difficult for the show to continue. But the production house and channel have decided to continue the show and have managed to do that by focusing on other actors and different tracks.

The hunt for lead actors is on, but we hear that Tunisha’s character will not be replaced.

Instead, they will bring in someone to play a new character. For the male lead, Alibaba, which was essayed by Sheezan, there is buzz that Abhishek Nigam is being considered.

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