World Siblings Day Today! Know Its Significance


New Delhi: Siblings Day celebrates this cherished bond and is commemorated every year on April 10. Although only one day cannot do any justice to the affection one has for their sibling(s). Siblings are an incredible gift and anyone who has a brother or sister should not let the day pass by without celebrating them.

Siblings Day 2021: Significance

Claudia Evart created Siblings Day in 1995 after losing her brother and sister. She realized what important role siblings have in our lives, and to celebrate and honour the memory of her siblings she chose April 10, her late sister Lisette’s birthday, as Siblings Day.

It is interesting to note that Siblings Day is celebrated in Europe on May 31, while India has this celebration in the form of Raksha Bandhan (usually commemorated in August) as well as on Bhai Dooj during Diwali.

Siblings are there with us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can count on them and hope they keep your secrets safe until they want something from you. The bitter-sweet relationship with your siblings shaped the person you grew up to be.


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