Puri Srimandir: ‘Padma Besha’ Of Holy Trinity Today


Puri: The sibling deities at Jagannath Temple here will be attired in ‘Padma Besha’ today. The Padma Besha is donned on any Saturday or Wednesday between the new moon day of the month of Magha and Basanta Panchami.

It is done during the ‘Bada Singhara’ ritual at the night time and the deities remain with this Besha for the entire night.

This Besha happens to pay tribute to a devotee who had brought Lotus flowers from a very far off place to decorate the deities.

Padma Besha is performed in Magha and Basanta Panchami, on any Saturday or Wednesday between the reappears of the new moon day. In Indian culture, Lotus is the symbol of health and wealth. Lotus is the favourite flower of Goddess Laxmi, who is the supreme goddess of health and wealth The costumes are offered by the Badachata Matha. Khir ( Pudding) is offered to the three deities when Padma Besha is performed.

During Padmavesha ritual of the Lords, big petals of lotus adorn the faces of the deities in the shape of crowns. Lord Balabhadra and Lord Jagannath hold lotus buds in their hands.

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