Protest Against Taliban’s Hijab Diktat: Afghan Women Across Globe Wear Colourful Dresses

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Kabul: Several Afghan women living abroad are protesting the Taliban’s new hijab diktat in schools by posting photos of themselves wearing colorful traditional dresses.

Afghan women around the world have shared pictures on social media of their wearing traditional Afghan dresses in defiance of the Taliban diktat for black women’s attire.

Recently, a group of women wearing all-black attire took to the streets in Kabul and provinces to support the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and ask for their rights of education and work under the principles of Islam.

Photos have emerged of a group of female students wearing head-to-toe black robes and waving Taliban flags in the lecture hall of a government-run university in Kabul.

Other Afghan women responded by posting pictures of themselves in bright and colorful traditional Afghan dresses — a stark contrast to the black hijab mandate outlined by the Taliban.

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