Final Photo Electoral Roll-2021 Of Odisha Published


Bhubaneswar: The Final Photo Electoral Roll-2021 with reference to 01-01-2021 as the qualifying date has been finally published on 15th January 2021 in all the 147 Assembly Constituencies of Odisha as per the schedule fixed by the Election Commission of India. The Special Summary Revision-2021 started with the publication of draft E. Roll on 16-11-2021.  The period for filing of the claims and objections for the eligible Electors was open from Draft publication till 15-12-2021.

Apart from the conventional system of filing applications in hard copies, the option of On-line filing of applications was available to Citizens during the claim period. In the  On-line mode, a total of nos. of  1,10,322 nos. of applications were received. In physical mode, a total of 16,61,899 nos. of applications were received from citizens pertaining to the claim period. The applications which are received from Citizens after the claim period will be disposed of during the Continuous Updation period which starts after the final publication. round the year.

The EROs and their delegated AEROs have dealt with the various types of applications such as Additions, Deletions, Corrections and Transpositions etc. and disposed off those following due procedure as per the extant provisions under Registration of Electors Rules,1960 and  Representation of People Act,1950.

As per the Final Photo Electoral published on 15-01-2021, there are in total 3,25,48,744  electors, out of which 1,66,23,614 are Male;  1,59,22,075 Female and 3055 Electors are from the Third Gender category. The gender ratio of Electors in the finally published E. Roll is 958 with a slight increase from Draft E. Roll in which, it was 955.

As such a total no. of 7,71,123 nos. of Electors have been added to the E. Roll with a ratio of 2.38 %  increase. Out of the total additions, there are 2,86,843nos. of new Voters. A total of 6,01,476nos. of Deletions have been made in appropriate cases pertaining to the E. Roll which is 1.86 % against the Draft Roll. Similarly, a total no. of 3,47,823corrections  in the Electors data has been made and 13,581 nos. of  Transpositions have been given effect in the Final Electoral Roll.

Photo Electoral Roll is a major tool for the conduct of free & fair Election. The present Electoral Roll-2021  has total coverage of 98.97 % Electors with Photos. As far as the Electors Photo identity Cards EPICs is concerned, the state has 99.15 % of Electors having EPIC cards.

As per the latest instructions of Commission, if any Elector finds clerical errors in his/her electoral details ( which has been occurred inadvertently without his / her mistake ) then he/she can get a fresh  EPIC after applying in the prescribed Form-8 to the concerned ERO after due verification.

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