Apple begins laying off third-party contractors: Report


New York: Apple – which thus far avoided the mass layoffs that have claimed tens of thousands of workers at Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft – has quietly begun axing contractors, On The Money has learned.

According to people with direct knowledge, the iPhone maker over the past few days has started to cut ties with hundreds of contractors — workers technically employed by outside agencies who work alongside Apple employees on projects – in what looks like a stealthy move to cut costs.

Apple has a large number of contractor workers on teams such as technical support and customer service. They also rely heavily on contractors for things like the localization of products and services, as well as Apple Maps.

Bloomberg reported last August that Apple had laid off “many of its contract-based recruiters in the past week, part of a push to rein in the tech giant’s hiring and spending.” It’s unclear whether the company has been continually laying off contractors since then or if what’s being reported by the New York Post is the second major round.

Tim Cook recently called layoffs a “last resort kind of thing,” whereas tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Meta have laid off thousands of employees recently. “We want to manage costs in other ways to the degree that we can,” Cook said.

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