New Zealand Celebrates Christmas With Few Restrictions


Wellington: New Zealand on Saturday celebrated Christmas with few restrictions amid Omicron variant of Covid-19.

According to reports, 95% of adults in New Zealand have at least one dose of the vaccine, making it one of the world’s most vaccinated populations. The only Omicron cases that have been found in New Zealand have been safely contained at the border.

Following the measures, New Zealander celebrated the Christmas.

Meanwhile, Australia celebrated Christmas amid a surge of Covid-19 cases, worse than at any stage of the pandemic, which forced states to reinstate mask mandates and other preventative measures.

The Omicron strain is prevalent in some states and is estimated to represent more than 70% of all new cases in Queensland.

In his Christmas message, Prime Minister Scott Morrison referenced Covid-19’s toll on society.

“This pandemic, it continues to buffet us,” Morrison said. “The Omicron variant is just the latest challenge that we have faced. But together, always together and only together, we keep pushing through.”

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