Junior Assistant Caught Taking Rs 15K Bribe In Sonepur


Sonepur: The Odisha Vigilance on Sunday apprehended a Junior Assistant on charges of bribery. The accused has been identified as Golak Bihari Podha works with the Sub-Divisional Veterinary Office in Sonepur.

According to reports, Golak was allegedly receiving a bribe of 15,000 from a complainant (Live Stock Inspector) for processing and drawl of his pending salary. Initially, Podha took Rs 20,000, bribe but did not release the salary and demanded another Rs 15,000 to do the same.

With no option left, the complainant approached the Vigilance, and an FIR was registered.

Acting on the complaint, the cops laid a trap and nabbed Podha while accepting the bribe of Rs 15,000 which was seized. The entire bribe money was recovered from the possession of Podha and seized in presence of witnesses. Both hands wash as well as pant pocket wash of Podha gave positive chemical reaction, confirming acceptance and handling of bribe money by him.

Following the trap, simultaneous searches have been launched on the residential house of Podha at Tentulikhuti, Tarbha, in Sonepur and one common room near CDVO Office, Subarnapur.

Golaka Bihari Podha, Junior Assistant has been arrested and is being forwarded to the Court. In this connection, Sambalpur Vigilance PS Case No.12 dated 20.05.2023 U/s 7 PC Act, 1988 as amended by PC (Amendment) Act, 2018 has been registered and is under investigation.

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