Death of goats & cattle triggers panic in Deogarh village


Deogarh: Fear gripped the locals of Chakadihi village under Barkote forest range in Deogarh district after of 12 goats & 1 cattle were found dead here.

People of the area suspect the involvement of any wild animal behind the killings.

Meanwhile, over 25 goats are still missing. Villagers searched for the animals only to find carcasses of the cattle with multiple injury marks.

As were the cases in the past, the marauding creatures/animal(s) attacked the domesticated animals, locals suspected.

As per the allegations levelled by the villagers, the forest officials have failed to understand the nature of the animal on the prowl in human habitations.

While it is being said that the animal was probably a bear, locals demanded actions by the forest department to resolve the issue, sources said.

On being informed, Barkot forest range officials reached the village to take stock of the situation.

Reportedly, two CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor the movement of wild animals.

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