Kelly Clarkson Collapses as Anne Hathaway Stuns Talk Show Host With a Rendition of “Since U Been Gone”

New York: Anne Hathaway just momentarily dethroned Kelly Clarkson as the queen of musical covers. The “WeCrashed” star stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on March 22 and went head to head with the host in a game called “Sing That Name That Tune,” which challenges guests to identify and sing a track after hearing just the first few notes.

When a band began playing Clarkson’s 2004 hit song “Since U Been Gone” with a guitar, a keyboard, and a drum set, Hathaway didn’t hesitate to step up and belt out the chorus’s lyrics with perfect pitch. Clarkson, meanwhile, instantly collapsed to the floor upon realizing she didn’t recognize her own song.

Realizing she’d been bested on her own song, Clarkson fell to her knees before face planting on her mini stage.

We’ve all been there, Kelly.

“How did you know it from just that?!” Clarkson screamed to Hathaway.

The actress was, however, gracious about her win, telling Clarkson that “we all love that song.”

“Everybody here knew it,” she said.

But Clarkson owned up to it. “This is embarrassing.”

You had your chance, you blew it, Kelly. But don’t worry; we’re sure everyone is “so moving on.”

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