Right-Wing Mob Attacks Madhya Pradesh School!


Madhya Pradesh: Violence took place while the students of Class 12 were sitting for a mathematics exam as workers of right-wing group Bajrang Dal, along with hundreds of locals, barged into the school in Madhya Pradesh, claiming religious conversion of students by the Christian Missionary institution.

The St Joseph School in Ganj Basoda town of Vidisha district was targeted after allegations on social media that as many as eight students were converted by the administration. Cellphone footage showed a huge crowd outside the building, raising slogans against the school administration.

The police were seen trying to disperse the crowd. The students and the school staff present had a narrow escape.

The manager of the school, Brother Antony, has claimed that he received the information of the attack a day earlier through local media, after which he alerted the police and the state administration. He accused the police of not making proper security arrangements.

He also denied the claims of religious conversion, claiming that none of the names mentioned in the complaint matches with any of the students.

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