YouTube Rewind 2019 is here!


New York: YouTube has released the YouTube Rewind 2019 video that looks back on the videos and artists that caught the attention of viewers all around the globe that year.

This time last year, YouTube Rewind 2018 ended up being the most hated video ever uploaded to the platform. To start off 2019’s version, YouTube directly acknowledged that failure and, instead, decided to go a completely different route.

The video dives into the most liked and most viewed creator videos, music videos, dance videos, video games, beauty videos, and more.

From there, YouTube Rewind focuses on some of the new creators that joined the platform this year and managed explosive growth over the course of the year.

YouTube Rewind 2019 highlights different categories including the most-viewed creators on the platform — led by PewDiePie (with 4 billion views), who was absent from the Rewind video last year.

Other categories in 2019’s Rewind were most-liked video overall (MrBeast’s “Make This Video the Most-Liked Video on YouTube”), most-liked music, dance, and beauty videos; most-viewed video games (“Minecraft” and “Fortnite”); and top breakout creators (No. 1: Brazil’s Loud, which now has 3.8 million subscribers after launching in February).


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