Youth hangs himself to death after being beaten up by beloved’s family members


Koraput: A beau today hung himself to death from a ceiling fan in G.Rautput village in Koraput after being tortured publicly by his family members and relatives for making a runaway with a girl of different caste.

The couple in-relationship had attempted to commit suicide together by hanging themselves from the ceiling of roof, but fortunately the female partner survived as the rope tied to her neck unfastened.

The female survivor was admitted to a nearby hospital and while treatment she went absolutely fine.

The deceased male partner has been identified as Jadu Muduli of G.Rautput village, had a love affair with a girl of the same village. But they were insisted by either of their families break up the affair as they belong to different communities.

Being compelled by the opposition from family members, Jadu ran away with his 18-year lady-love on the day of her marriage with another guy and returned back to their village after four days.

Endowed with anger, family members of the escapees beaten up both of them ruthlessly in the mid of village road. Encountered by dejection, the couple opted to end their lives.


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