Youth Congress Observes PM’s Birthday As ‘Unemployment Day’ Across The Country


New Delhi: Youth Congress marked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday today as ‘Unemployment Day’ by selling fruits, flowers, frying pakodas and cutting cakes in the name of PM Modi.

In a bid to express their opposition to the Narendra Modi government’s policies, Youth Congress workers across the country observed ‘National Unemployment Day’ on September 17.

All India Youth Congress president Srinivas B.V said, “Unfortunately, the country is observing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as ‘unemployment day’.”

“In the last seven years, youths did not get job opportunities. The government had not filled up vacancies and many people in the private sector had lost jobs,” said another Congress leader.

Meanwhile, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said, “The mass vaccination programme on PM Modi’s birthday is nothing but headline management. During floods, people are suffering but we see BJP leaders playing musical instruments on boats to praise the PM. This should be condemned.”

“PM Modi had promised 2 crore jobs each year but there are 61 lakh posts in the Centre and state governments that are lying vacant. No wonder the youth is observing today as unemployment day,” Shrinate said.

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