Your Comprehensive Guide to Select the Best Solar Panel

The continuously dropping solar panel price makes it the right time to switch to equipping your home with a solar PV panel. You may want to consider switching to solar power as it is a clean, renewable way to power your home. It is also because we have become increasingly conscious of higher energy costs and the need to reduce our household outgoings.

Here is your comprehensive guide to select the best solar panels for your home:

1.Understand your primary needs

Solar panels come in several sizes, combinations and choosing the one that works for you is entirely up to you. It depends on how much energy your house requires to fuel electrical appliances. PV panels by reputable brands such as Luminous, for instance, come in various sizes, each with a different solar panel price.

There are two distinct types of solar panels that are in the market. A polycrystalline panel is the first type. A monocrystalline PERC solar panel made up of single crystals of silicon is the second kind of solar panel. Such panels are about 2% more effective and perform better against low light and high temperatures.

2. Know About Different Types of Solar Panels

There is another classification which affects the solar panel price. This is dependent on whether you opt for an on-grid solution or an off-grid solution.

  • On-Grid Solution

This solar solution that allows you to generate and then export electricity from solar panels to the grid. A net meter is used in the solar system that is connected to the grid. It requires both the import and export of electrical units to be registered, which means that you only pay for imported units. When your house’s electricity demand is low and solar generation is high, your solar panel will feed the excess energy into the grid/electricity sector.

When your electricity demand is high and solar generation is low, your solar panel will take surplus energy from the grid/electricity supplier and pump it into your home. Simply put, with such on-grid solar panels you save on your monthly power bills. These panels give a great return on your investment, especially now when solar panel prices are at a low.

  • Off-Grid Solution

The energy from the sun that is produced during the day can be stored and utilized later under an off-grid solar panel system. It is mainly used when the power grid is not present or when a backup is needed to protect against power cuts. They store, which adds to the cost, the energy produced by the panels in their battery system.

Compared to the on-grid system, this system is expensive, but like a diesel generator, these batteries score higher than other types of back up. It is better suited for areas that are vulnerable to power outages. You are not going to have to cough up a massive amount for the upgrade as solar panel price is gradually coming down.

 3. Understand How to Maintain Solar Panels

You must understand that the more sunlight that enters a plate, the more solar energy it can produce. Solar panels are more vulnerable to bird droppings and a build-up of general dust and debris (that do not wash off with just rain) due to the upward angle of solar panels. This reduces the amount of light that enters the panel and reduces its output. It is for the same reason that your solar panels need maintenance and care.

Here are some suggestions that you can keep in mind:

  • Clean the solar panels in the morning or evening
  • Shut off the main system when cleaning the panels
  • Use a brush to clean the dust particles
  • Do not use non-abrasive detergent for cleaning
  • Try not to spill any soap water on the panels when cleaning

Switch to Solar Panels Today!

It can be overwhelming to keep up with constantly changing energy prices. You will have to monitor and track your use and be conservative with your power usage. The good news here? Switching to solar power gives you control over electricity charges. You can turn the sun’s rays into usable energy for all your household needs with an efficient solar panel device. However, only buy a solar panel from trusted brands like Luminous that offer competitive and affordable solar panel prices for great quality.