Young COVID-19 patients in Mumbai show Kawasaki disease-like symptoms


New Delhi: Many young COVID-19 patients in Mumbai have shown symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease. This illness causes blood vessels to become inflamed.

Children under five years of age are particularly vulnerable to the disease, reports said.

Countries like UK, US, Italy, Spain and China have been reporting cases of children with COVID-19 showing Kawasaki-like symptoms.

Kawasaki disease is a leading cause of heart disease in kids. The inflammation of Kawasaki disease, also known as Kawasaki syndrome or mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, can damage child’s coronary arteries.

If detected early, the condition can be treated by doctors, and most children recover without any problems.

Doctors don’t know what exactly causes Kawasaki disease, however, they believe that the condition may be linked to a number of things like genes, viruses, bacteria, and other factors such as chemicals and irritants.

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