Yoga For Headache And Migraine Relief


New Delhi: Yoga can help give headache and migraine sufferers some extra relief, making it a great supplement to their pain-fighting arsenal. Here are some yoga sanas that might help you.


Standing Forward Bend energises the neurological system by increasing blood flow while also calming the mind. It also aids in mental relaxation. An excellent place to start is standing erect with your feet together and your hands at your sides. Raise both your hands above your head and take a deep inhale. Exhale and bend forward from your hips, bringing your hands to your feet. Try to contact the ground. After keeping this position for half a minute, return to the original position.

Setu Bandhasana

Bridge Pose is an excellent technique to reduce upper-body tension. In this stance, lifting your heart over your head improves blood circulation to your brain. This asana relieves stress and moderate depression by calming the brain and central nervous system.


Shishuasana, or child position, is a meditative pose for both the mind and the body. This position allows you to expand your entire body. Begin on your knees on the ground. Now sit on your heels and lean forward. Try to reach your hands forward and touch your brow to the floor. After a few minutes of holding this position, return to your original posture.


This asana is also known as the cat pose. Cat stretch improves blood circulation and also aids in mental relaxation. Begin with the cat pose while remaining on your hands and knees, regulating your breath (inhaling and exhaling) as you shift positions. Maintaining balance while shifting from one pose to the next in a continuous motion, much like a dance. This improves the coordination of all of the body’s muscles, which increases blood circulation. Additionally, it alleviates muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting in one position


This is a fundamental pose that is a must include in your routine. Stretching the top half of your body over the bottom half while remaining seated, helps in stretching the entire back, thereby increasing your flexibility. Folding inward in this manner also promotes relaxation

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