Yellow vest protests could turn violent in Paris


Paris: Paris police detained nearly 300 people ahead of ‘yellow vest’ protests on Saturday.

Authorities in Paris fear the yellow vest protest could turn violent for a third weekend in a row.

The protesters are dressed in luminous road safety jackets. The  demonstrators accused President Emmanuel Macron for looking out for the rich. They said they have come to Paris to be heard.

The authorities have deployed 8,000 police who are  carrying out checks on people arriving  by trains and other modes of transport.

Sources told news agencies that at least 34 people were arrested for carrying masks and hammers which can be used in the attacks.

As a precautionary measure the authorities have shut down shops, museums, the Eiffel Tower and many metro stations. Football matches and concerts were also cancelled.

The weekend violence in Paris had witnessed nearly 200 cars torched and business establishments vandalized. The incident has shaken France and plunged Macron’s government into its deepest crisis.


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