World’s tallest Durga idol from Guwahati to enter Guinness book of records


Guwahati: Amid all the communal discord India is immersed in, a Muslim artist along with his team from Guwahati, is designing a 101-feet tall idol of Goddess Durga, carved out of bamboo sticks, here.

Claiming it to be the world’s tallest bamboo sculpture, Bishnupur Durga Puja Committee has registered it in the “Guinness Book World Records”.

Speaking to the reporters, artist Nuruddin Ahmed said, “Many people ask me why I make such Idols as I am a Muslim. But I want to tell that I have been doing this work since 1975. I always think that an artist has no religion and his only religion and duty is to serve humanity.”

He further informed that at least 5000 bamboo poles have been used in the making of the idol.

The Committee was scheduled to complete the image by September 20.

Project supervisor Deep Ahmed said, “The work started two months back. And the height was approximately 110 feet and we were hoping to complete the work by September 20. But all of a sudden on 17th of this month, the image fell down because of the strong cyclone here in Guwahati. I am thankful to the social media for their moral support. We are expecting it to inaugurate it on September 25.”

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