World Wildlife Conservation Day: Know More


New York: World Wildlife Conservation Day falls every December 4th to raise awareness and engage conversations about species that are endangered or under threat of extinction because of poaching, trafficking and other environmental factors. Wildlife conservation is the act of protecting endangered and near-extinct species by preserving their natural habitat.

This global occasion provides everyone with the opportunity to learn more about wildlife conservation and to be part of the solution to wildlife crime. Go online and join the thousands of other individuals who have taken the wildlife pledge.

Wildlife crime is a serious crime, not a distant problem in a faraway country.

It is a global challenge that spans continents and crosses oceans. It matters, and not just because we care about elephants, rhinos and tigers. Park rangers on the frontlines of conservation are being killed. Local communities that depend on wildlife for tourism or sustenance are being robbed of their livelihoods. Corruption and intimidation are weakening law enforcement efforts.

Unscreened wildlife and wildlife parts increase the risk of human health pandemics such as bird flu. And regional security is compromised as militarized groups cash in on this lucrative and rapidly growing trade, using it to finance insurrection and even terrorist activity.

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