World Theatre Day: History & Significance


New Delhi: March 27 is celebrated as World Theatre Day across the world. It’s a day to remember and honour the amazing world of theatre and its artists who bring life to characters and present a slice of reality from a stage.

The first-ever World Theatre Day Message in 1962 was penned by Jean Cocteau. President Arvi Kivimaa proposed on behalf of the Finnish Centre of the International Theatre Institute, first in Helsinki and then in Vienna at the 9th World Congress of the ITI in June 1961, that a World Theatre Day be made.
The proposal was obliged by the Scandinavian centers.

Types of theaters in India
Here are some of the most famous forms of theaters in India:
Bhavai from Gujarat
Chhau from West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Odisha
Jatra from West Bengal
Kathakali from Kerala
Kudiyattam from Kerala
Maach from Madhya Pradesh
Naqal from Punjab
Nautanki from Uttar Pradesh
Odissi from Odisha
Ramlila from northern India
Raas Leela from Assam
Tamasha from Maharashtra
Tiatr from Goa
Yakshagana from Karnataka

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