World Theatre Day 2023: History and Significance 


Mumbai: World Theatre Day is celebrated every year on March 27. The day was first observed in 1969 by the International Theatre Institute. Since then, World Theatre Day is celebrated by people around the world with theatre events. This day is celebrated to promote theatre, the day increases the public understanding of the importance of all types of theatrical forms. Many plays are played on social issues, entertainment, and comedy. A theatre is an art form which educates, entertains, and inspires people. 


The theme set by the International Theatre Institute is “Theatre and a Culture of Peace.”


The ITI introduced World Theatre Day in 1961, and it has since been celebrated on March 27 every year by the international theatre community and ITI Centres. A variety of national and international theatre events marks this day.

One of the most significant activities is the circulation of the World Theatre Day Message, in which a person of global prominence shares their thoughts on the theme of Theatre and a Culture of Peace at the invitation of ITI.

The first message was composed by Jean Cocteau in 1962, and every year on March 27 (the opening date of the 1962 “Theater of Nations” season in Paris), ITI Centres and various Theatre-related organizations, including theatres, theatre professionals, and universities, commemorate this day in diverse ways. Every year, someone who is famous in the theatre industry is invited to share their thoughts on theatre and global unity. This message called the International Message is translated into over 50 languages and shared with people all over the world.


World Theatre Day is an annual celebration of significant importance for the international theatre community. This day provides a platform to showcase the power of theatre as a medium for communication and cultural exchange. theatre, in its essence, brings people together, and World Theatre Day serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural diversity and mutual understanding.

The celebration of World Theatre Day not only highlights the significance of theatre but also recognizes the hard work of theatre professionals and their contribution to the arts. It promotes the accessibility of theatre to all, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.


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