World Stroke Day: History & Significance


New York: World Stroke day is celebrated on 29 October every year with an aim to spread awareness and inform people about the signs, symptoms and prevention of stroke. The World Stroke Association aims to fight against the stigma related to a stroke.

World stroke day was celebrated in the year 2006 for the first time by the World Stroke Association which was formed in the same year after the World Stroke Foundation (WSF) merged with the International Stroke Society (ISS).

WSO is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness about stroke and help stroke survivors. They have been working towards more research and studies in this field to improve the life of the stroke survivors worldwide.

This day is celebrated to promote a healthy lifestyle so that less people suffer from stroke. A decade ago statistics showed that one in six people had chance of suffering from stroke which is now one in four.

The theme for world stroke day this year is precious time which aims to raise awareness about the symptoms of having a stroke so that people can take action and save lives.




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