World Olympics Day Today!


New Delhi: World Olympics Day is celebrated every year on 23 June. Also known as International Olympics Day, it encourages athletes all over the world to participate in the Olympic games and make sports their career. Olympic games are held after every four years and include both summer and winter sports competitions. The goal of World Olympics Day is to support athletes and make the world a better place through sports.

World Olympics Day 2022 will be observed on Thursday, 23 June. The day is of utmost importance to people, especially sports freaks. Olympics Day is one of the best ways to make people realise the importance of sports in their lives.

World Olympics Day 2022 will be celebrated with the theme ‘Together, For a Peaceful World.’ International Olympics Day 2022 will be more focused towards bringing people together in peace through sports and games.

International Olympics Day or World Olympics Day aims to encourage and inspire people to participate in different Olympic sports and games regardless of their age, sex, race, gender, and so on. It motivates people around the world to take part in games and sports to stay fit and healthy. Different Olympic events, educational seminars, and symposiums are being organised worldwide on Olympics Day to create awareness among people about the benefits of sports and games.




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