World Heart Day: Know history, significance and more


New Delhi: Every year on the 29th of September, people all around the world observe World Heart Day as a means to draw attention to the causes of cardiovascular illnesses, their management and how to use the heart for humanity, nature and you.


The World Heart Federation (WHF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) collaborated to create this international event. Antoni Bayés de Luna, former WHF president, had come up with this idea.

The day was originally celebrated on September 24, 2000, and until 2011, it was marked as the final Sunday in September. It was later decided upon as 29th September.


The ultimate aim of World Heart Day is to direct the attention of the world to the behaviour that can deter individuals from becoming inclined to cardiovascular diseases and also skill people on how to manage the potential risks related to such an eminent organ of the body.

The World Heart Federation established this day to raise awareness about the various cardiovascular issues and illnesses that affect the world population today.

The discussion around World Heart Day is of the highest importance because of the increasing number of heart attacks and other heart-related cases that have come into the limelight with more and more people being affected by these cardiovascular issues.

Unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle too are of importance to people of all ages and awareness regarding the same is crucial.


The theme for World Heart Day 2022 is ‘USE HEART FOR EVERY HEART’.

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