World Health Day 2021: History And Significance


New Delhi: Every year, April 7 is celebrated as World Health Day to spread awareness about quality living and the importance of health.

Especially today, when the world is witnessing the second wave of Covid19, it has become even more important to celebrate this day. The theme for World Health Day 2021 is “Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone”.

It is observed annually to create awareness about health and wellbeing and draws the attention of people from all around the world to highlight important health issues. It is very imperative to be prepared mentally, physically, and financially for all kinds of uncertainties during these constantly evolving times.

This global campaign was started by the World Health Organisation in the year 1950. This international body held the first World Health Assembly in 1948, which decided to observe April 7th as the World Health Day with effect from 1950. On this important day, WHO organises various events to draw the global attention to subjects that are of utmost importance in the health sector.

This day is celebrated to shed light on important matters including mental health, maternal and child care, climate change, the importance of healthcare workers, and many more such issues to the forefront. This day aims to spread awareness on achieving a better lifestyle and living a disease-free life.

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