World Environmental Health Day 2021: History & Significance


London: World Environmental Health Day is observed on September 26 every year since 2011. The day was started by the International Federation of Environmental Health council during a meeting in Indonesia on this day in 2011.

The day is marked so that people around the world are reminded about the importance and benefits of environmental health. In 2020, the theme of the day was related to environmental health literacy and the primary focus of the day was to work on children’s health and safety.

Every year, the occasion is marked under a special theme, with that for the current edition being “Prioritising environmental health for healthier communities in the global recovery.

The “global recovery” here refers to that from the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The theme is based on the “Manifesto for a healthy recovery from Covid-19” which was released by the World Health Organization on May 26, 2020, and which, according to IFEH, is based on six key ideas.

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