World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse: Know More


New Delhi: The World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse is celebrated on 19th November and it started in 2000 in relation to the Convention on the Rights of the Child celebration on 20 November.

In 2000, the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF), a non-governmental organization, launched the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse on November 19. WWSF, along with an international coalition of advocacy organizations for women and children’s issues, mobilized governments and societies to take action and prevent child abuse.

In 2001, APA, through its International Office, joined the coalition and also marked the day, November 19, as the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. APA developed the following fact sheet, “Violence Against Children in the US,” with information on violence against children in the US. It includes tips for identifying and preventing child abuse, with an outline of the association’s contributions to child abuse prevention.

To make the Day a global call for action, WWSF launched in 2001 an international NGO coalition that marks the World Day with appropriate events and activities to focus on and increase prevention education.

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