Wondrous Benefits Of Castor Oil You Must Know


New Delhi: Castor oil has several amazing therapeutic advantages that not many of us are aware of. Castor oil is commonly used as an active ingredient in many medications, skincare products, and shampoos. This multi-purpose vegetable oil possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and laxative properties and provides several health benefits. Thus, it is claimed to help in relieving constipation, inducing labor, and treating arthritis.

Here are some benefits you must know:

To get rid of moles and cysts

Applying castor oil with a pinch of baking soda on the infected area is known to give the desired result. In fact, topical application of castor oil also solves the problem of cysts and corns by dissolving them. It is also said that castor oil helps dissolve cysts in the ovary as the fatty acid in castor oil is easily absorbed by the skin.

For constipation

Castor oil is also beneficial as a laxative – when taken orally, ricinoleic acid gets released in the intestine and then it starts functioning as a laxative. The heat created by castor oil initiates action by helping the process of digestion and cleansing the system by helping in proper bowel movement.

To treat joint pains

Castor oil is known for treating arthritis, its anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal massage oil for relieving joint pain, nerve inflammation, and sore muscles. Massaging the joints with castor oil and placing a hot water bag helps in pain relief. In cases of arthritis, this process if repeated twice a week will ensure better results.

Lowers Symptoms of arthritis

From ancient times castor oil is used as a natural treatment for arthritis pain, inflammation, and joint pain. Castor oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that makes it an ideal massage oil that can be applied on aching muscles and joints.

You can try massaging the affected area with castor oil followed by a hot water pack. If you follow this practice for a week you will feel the pain getting reduced in sometime.

Boosts circulation

Immunity and proper blood flow go hand in hand. If your lymphatic system does not work, you will become chronically ill. The circulatory system is crucial to keep us alive by bringing oxygen to our cells. Castor oil has been shown to help in blood flow.

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