Women Empowerment Key For India To Become ‘Biswa Guru’: Prez Murmu


Bhubaneswar: President Droupadi Murmu on Friday said empowerment of women is the ‘mantra’ to establish India as the “Biswa Guru” (world leader).

Murmu, who arrived here earlier in the day on a two-day visit to her home state, stressed the need for the practice of yoga which could help citizens grow spiritually leading to the overall development of individuals and the nation as a whole.

While sharing her own experience at the foundation day function of Jnanaprabha Mission, a charitable organisation, the President said, “At one point of time, I felt completely broken both physically and mentally and embarked on yoga. I am here today standing before you and speaking to you just because of yoga.” Though she did not provide details, Murmu during a short span of time lost her two sons, husband and brother before becoming the Jharkhand Governor in 2015.

While appealing to all to achieve the greater goal by keeping self in fine body and mind, Murmu said yoga acts as a connection between the soul and the divinity.

“One needs to strive for purification of the body, mind and soul and spiritual awakening,” she said.

Though money and other stuff are required for the survival of human beings, the President said that one should not run after materialistic things, but rather strive to attain knowledge and focus on spiritual awakening which will help take him or her to a new height.

She said it is only due to the efforts of India that the world has now realised the importance of yoga.

People of all faiths are duty-bound to serve parents and elderly persons, Murmu said adding: “This is the essence of dharma. Taking care of parents instead of offering prayers to their photos is a much greater job.” She said Indian traditions and cultures put mothers at the top for their endless sacrifice towards a child.

“We need to ask whether today’s youngsters are giving adequate love and care to their parents who have sacrificed their entire life for them,” Murmu said.

While highlighting the role of women in yesteryears and also today, the President said, “Be it spirituality, politics, education or any other field, women have all along excelled. They create human beings and these human beings make a nation strong.” Since half of India’s population is women, the country cannot become ‘Biswa Guru’ by neglecting them, Murmu said.

She said India has already become 5th in the world in terms of economy and the nation needs to become number 1 in all spheres.


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